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Roofs perform several functions. They contribute to the aesthetics of a building and property. They protect the building shell and interior from moisture, sun and wind. They also shelter building occupants and provide security from human and pest intrusions. Roofs form the largest surface of a structure, adding texture, street appeal and color to the look of a building and the surrounding landscape.

Whether you are in need of a roof repair Eau Claire WI or a new roof, you want a reliable, experienced roofing contractor. Eau Claire Roofing knows how to install and repair roofing materials that will last through the extremes of weather so common in the Eau Claire area. We are well-regarded Eau Claire roofers because of our transparent pricing, honest business practices and depth of experience.

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You want your roof to be attractive, secure and protected. Some contractors offer low bids that seem to be a bargain. However, they may use products that do not hold up over time. Some rush to complete a job without paying attention to details that are a must for a long-lasting roof.

Our years of experience in the area help us understand how different materials withstand freeze-thaw cycles, react to sunlight and maintain warmth in winter. We recommend materials that complement the aesthetics and style of your home or commercial enterprise. We also consider your budget and your long-term needs.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with each client by providing high-quality roofing services. We work with you to ensure the final product meets your satisfaction. Call today to talk to one of our trained roofing technicians about your roofing needs.

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Expert Roofing Services

We offer expert, high-quality commercial and residential roofing for the greater Eau Claire area. Whether you need a roof for a new house, storm damage repair or a roof replacement on an existing building, we can do it. No job is too small or too big. Our experienced crew has worked with all types of roofing materials, including asphalt, ceramic tile, concrete and metal. If you are interested in an energy-efficient roof, we can help.

Our services include:

As we prepare estimates for your roofing project, we consider the condition of the entire roofing structure, including supports, drainage, sheathing and flashing. We also evaluate the condition and effectiveness of existing insulation. We note how well the materials and components repel water and moderate interior temperatures.

Not all roofing contractors eau claire wi consider these fundamental elements of roof repair and maintenance. We know that each component must be in good condition to keep your home secure, safe and watertight. Your roof must protect you through all the seasons.

We emphasize safety and follow industry standards in all the work we do. We are insured to protect you, your property and our technicians. Attention to safety is one of the reasons that we are among the top roofing companies Eau Claire WI residents contact for service.

We pay attention to technical detail in all our work. Our company adheres to the principles of reliability, trust and integrity. We work on schedule and within budget to the best of our ability. If unforeseen contingencies arise, we contact you immediately to discuss the problem. We offer recommendations that work within your budget and time frame. We are always available to take your calls and discuss your needs.

Attractive, Durable Roofing Materials for All Types of Roofs

We work with all types of roofing materials and all configurations of roofs. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of roofing material, taking into account the slope, structure and drainage systems of your roof. Not all materials are suitable for all types of roofs.

We recommend materials that will last, suit your budget and provide the best security and protection for the type of roof on your building. Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the Eau Claire area because they are affordable and attractive. However, many kinds of roof coverings work well in the Eau Claire area.


Popular roof materials include:

Selecting the best materials is not enough. Improperly installed roofs often have problems. To ensure your roof installation is properly done, work with an insured, trained Eau Claire roofers authorized to honor warranties and guarantees from roofing material manufacturers. Our company emphasizes superior workmanship. We adhere to industry standards and are familiar with local codes. We take pride in knowing that our installations give our clients peace of mind for years to come.

  • Asphalt shingles come in a wide range of colors and sizes. They are easy to install and wear well. If repairs are needed, individual shingles are easy to replace. Asphalt shingles are less expensive than most other roof coverings.
  • Wood shingles and shakes are attractive roof coverings. Popular woods include cedar, redwood and pine. However, some local codes do not allow wood roofs because wood can be a fire hazard. Look for products with factory-treated Class A fire resistance.
  • Terracotta tiles are available in many colors and shapes. They complement a variety of architectural styles and last up to 50 years. However, they weigh more than most roof coverings. It is important to determine whether a building can support the load.
  • Rubber sheeting is a good option for flat and low-pitched roofs. Rubber tiles work well on pitched roofs. Rubber is durable, easy to install and lasts between 20 and 30 years. It is easy to maintain and is weather-resistant. The material is environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials and byproducts. Rubber is fire-retardant.
  • Concrete tiles are available in many colors, textures and sizes. Popular styles emulate terracotta, wood and slate. Concrete is water-, wind- and fire-resistant. Tiles last more than 50 years when properly maintained. They are less expensive than clay and stone products. Because concrete is heavy, the building must be able to support the weight.
  • Slate is more expensive than most roofing materials. However, it lasts more than 50 years, is fire-resistant and withstands wind, moisture and heat. Like terracotta and concrete, slate is heavy and requires adequate support.
  • Metal roofing Eau Claire WI and shingles come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. It is lightweight and easy to install and maintain. Although metal costs more than asphalt shingles, it can last twice as long. Popular metals for roofs include aluminum, stainless steel, copper and tin. Each type has unique characteristics that enhance aesthetics and performance. Metal is an attractive option for homes and businesses.

Residential Roofing Eau Claire Wisconsin

You want your home to be protected during the extremes of climate so common in Wisconsin. You also want your roof to contribute to the beauty and style of your home. We want our work to complement the aesthetics of your property, making you proud to pull into your driveway and see a pleasing expanse of well-tended roofing. Our services for residential roofing include new roofs, roof repairs, maintenance and replacement.

When we come to your home for an evaluation, we thoroughly examine the condition of your roof. Early detection and repair of small problems will save money and headache later. We provide an honest assessment of the problem. We will never try to sell you roofing services that you do not need. If your roof needs repairs, we detail each component that is damaged or underperforming. Our recommendations include options that work with your budget and long-term needs.

If you need a roof replacement, we discuss the advantages of each type of roofing material as a possibility for your home. We offer several options of affordable, attractive, durable roofing materials. We use high-quality materials that come with robust manufacturing warranties.

Asphalt is the most common type of roofing Eau Claire Wisconsin residents install. In our many years in the industry, we have installed hundreds of asphalt shingle roofs in many sizes, textures and colors. If you choose asphalt shingles for your home, we will discuss the range of options to help you select a format that complements your home.

Many of our residential customers want a premium roof that will add a distinctive character to their property and protect their homes for years. We specialize in ceramic tile and metal roofing, materials that need fewer repairs and last more than 50 years. Our specialized services make us the roofing contractor Eau Claire homeowners trust. 

Commercial Roofing Eau Claire Wisconsin

Roofs on commercial buildings are usually larger than residential roofs. Commercial buildings often have flat or low-pitched roofs that require expertise to install, repair and maintain. Poorly installed flat roofs may leak or retain water. In contrast, some buildings, such as churches and schools, have steeply pitched or multi-level roofs. Steeply pitched roofs are more affected by weather and wind. Roof coverings and roofing systems must be keyed to the roof’s pitch and function for optimum performance.

Commercial roofing experience span the industries, including:

We come to your property for an initial consultation. We talk with you about your ideas and needs before we start work. For new roofing services, we consider your budget, the building’s architectural style, energy efficiency requirements and security needs. 

For repairs, we inspect the entire roof to identify the source of any problems. We give written estimates that detail labor, materials and scheduling. We are always available to answer questions. 

If you want a distinctive character for your commercial roof or require high-performing materials, ask about our customization services. Customization can include energy-efficient components that reduce fuel usage and lower energy bills. We offer several options that can make your building more attractive, safe and environmentally friendly, including solar panels, skylights, reflective coatings and fire-retardant materials.

New Roof

If you are building a new home or business, we work with your design-build team throughout the project. We make sure that roof design is integrated into the design phase. The superstructure must be able to bear the weight of the roof. If you want heavier roofing materials, such as clay, concrete or stone tiles, the building’s foundation, walls and roof support beams must accommodate the load.

We coordinate installation during construction phases. We install all components of a new roof, including decking, fascia, soffits, flashing, underlay membrane, vents, molding and shingles. We make sure trusses, rafters and purlins can support the load. We also verify the adequacy of attic ventilation, roof vents and guttering. We coordinate each phase of roof installation with subcontractors.

We believe in transparency in our interactions with clients and other professionals engaged in the work. We keep you informed about progress, delays, contingencies and budgeting. We conduct periodic quality assurance inspections to ensure that the roof components remain intact throughout each phase of the construction process. Our goal is to install a high-quality, watertight roof that complements the aesthetics and integrity of the building and keeps you secure for years.

Roofers replacing damaged shingles after storm with very high winds came through over night

Roof Replacements

If your roof needs extensive repair, have a professional Eau Claire roofers evaluate it as soon as possible. Replacing a failing roof will keep you safe and prevent damage to the building superstructure and contents. Some contractors try to save money and time by installing a new roof over an old one. We recommend removing the old roof and installing new materials for several reasons:

  • Installing new shingles over old ones may void warranties. Many manufacturers require stripping old materials before laying new roofing.
  • Double layers of materials double the weight, which can cause structural problems. The roof supports and building superstructure must be strong enough to support this weight.
  • If the existing roof has irregularities, overlaying new material over old accentuates the waves and bubbles of the existing roof. Removing old shingles lets the roofer correct these problems.
  • Removing old shingles gives access to sheathing and moisture barriers, allowing any needed repair to these components.

We emphasize quality and attention to detail during a roof replacement. We rank among the top roofing contractors in Eau Claire because of our transparent business practices, fair pricing and attention to detail in our work.

Roof Repair

Our experienced staff come to your home for an initial consultation and inspection. We talk with you about problems you have noted, such as leaks, missing or worn tiles or damaged flashing. We take time to determine the source of the problem. If your roof leaks, we examine the surface, joins at corners, gutters and flashing around chimneys and other roof features. We discuss our findings and propose solutions that ensure you, your home and its contents will be protected by a secure, watertight roof.

We prepare written estimates for the work that include all materials, labor and time required to complete the job. Our prices are competitive and fair. We never try to sell you services or products that you do not need. However, there are times that damage is so extensive that replacement may be more cost-effective than repair. If we feel that a roof replacement is more advantageous, we discuss replacement options.

Most manufacturers include warranties for their roof materials. However, poor ventilation or damaged decking can affect the performance of new roofing materials and void the warranty. If we find problems that affect roof performance, we include these in our estimates and recommendations for repair. We provide details so that you understand why roof repair may require more than just new shingles to fix the problem.

Storm Damage Repair


Wind, hail and excessive rain take their toll on roofing materials. After a storm, examine your roof to assess its integrity. If there are leaks, missing shingles or other signs of damage, call immediately. Compromised roofs pose safety risks to you, your home and belongings. We respond as quickly as possible to evaluate the damage, prepare a damage report and provide a detailed estimate and schedule for immediate repairs.

If your roof shows signs of storm damage, call immediately for high-quality roof repair Eau Claire WI residents trust.

Roof Inspection and Roof Maintenance

Maintenance extends the life of your roof, saves money on repairs and optimizes performance. Our maintenance services start with a roof inspection to identify any problems, such as displaced tiles, damaged flashing, loose seams or eroding granules from asphalt shingles. Timely repair of minor problems prevents them from becoming major ones later.

Although some homeowners want to do roof maintenance themselves, we recommend calling professionals for a thorough biannual checkup. We have the equipment to scale steep roofs and work safely on all types of roof surfaces. We examine roof coverings and underlying materials to identify leaks or damage. We also inspect ceilings, attic floors and attic insulation to determine whether these components show signs of damage. At the end of the inspection, we provide a written summary that details what we examined and any problems we found. The evaluation also includes recommendations for any needed repairs.

Even well-maintained roofs must eventually be replaced. Periodic assessment of the condition of your roof allows you to plan how and when to schedule a replacement. It is better to plan a roof replacement than be faced with a crisis. Call the roofing contractor Eau Claire WI residents rely on today for a roof evaluation.

A man in a hard hat, holding a clipboard, standing on the steps of an old rundown house.

Selecting the Best Roofing Contractors Eau Claire WI Offers

What sets us apart from all the other roofing companies in the Eau Claire area? We never scrimp on time, materials or labor. We make sure that our work satisfies our high standards and your needs. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Here are just a few ways we are different from other Eau Claire roofing companies

• We respect your property. When our crews come to your home or office, we protect the areas around your building, including the lawn, trees, flowerbeds, driveways, sidewalks and other spaces.

• We value our customers. Customer satisfaction is just as important as technical expertise. We communicate with you throughout the project to let you know about the progress of work or any unforeseen problems encountered. We pay attention to customer reviews and strive to resolve any issues to the satisfaction of all parties.

• We keep your property clean. Roofing can be messy. At the end of each day, we collect waste and other materials so that your property remains neat and attractive. We remove nails and other sharp objects from sidewalks and driveways for safety. 

• We work with established manufacturers in the industry, such as GAF, CertainTeed and Owens Corning. We recommend products that are highly rated for wind and moisture resistance, durability and appearance for Eau Claire WI roofing.

• We have years of experience. You want to make sure that your roofing contractor will be around to fulfill warranties and honor guarantees. We have been trusted Eau Claire roofing contractors for many years. We plan to continue providing high-quality service for all your roofing needs.

• We are licensed and certified to work on all types of projects. We understand local codes and are qualified to pull permits required for roofing work.

• We operate on the principles of trust, transparency and effective communication. We are available to answer questions, offer recommendations and discuss your needs. We use best business practices in every task we do and thats why we are the roofing contractor eau claire wi residents turn to for their roofing needs.

Whether you are building a new home, need repairs or want to replace an existing roof, our roofers eau claire wi can do it. Feel free to call us and talk to us about our services. We undertake all sizes of Eau Claire commercial and residential roofing projects.

We work with materials that complement a range of architectural styles, budgets and tastes. Ask to see our portfolio of previous roofing projects so that you can confirm our depth of experience and attention to detail. We look forward to working with you as your roofer eau claire wi.

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